call for AETFAT 2017 SYMPOSIum proposals

The XXI AETFAT Congress secretariat invites all interested individuals to submit proposals for symposia to be considered for inclusion in the scientific program.

The Proposal should reflect the following congress sub themes:

1. Systematics of African plants

2. Biogeography of African plants

3. Conservation of African plants

4. African Mycology/Lichenology

5. Ethno-botany & use of African plants

6. Ecology, Wetlands & Grasslands

7. Succulents and Arid land plants

8. Afro alpine flora

9. West Indian Ocean Flora

10. Progress on African Floras/e-Floras

11. Plant-animal interactions

12. Biodiversity informatics/Databases & Barcoding

13. Collaboration & Partnerships

Proposals for symposia should meet the following requirements for full consideration:

1. The title of the proposed symposium

2. A short descriptive summary of the proposal (100-150 words)

3. A description of the topic and a justification of its current importance to the discipline (up to 500 words)

4. Titles and abstracts of all papers, with up to 400 words for the title and abstract of each paper

5. A list of participants and either an abbreviated curriculum vitae or short biographical description (not to exceed 1 page) for each participant, including any non-presenting co-authors.

6. Institutional affiliation and e-mail addresses for all participants, including any non-presenting co-authors.

Please submit proposal by email to the secretariat at

The deadline for proposal submission and full consideration will be communicated soon.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Venue for the XXI AETFAT Congress 2017